Nephrology Associates Medical Group

Nephrology Associates Medical Group (NAMG) is engaged in the practice of nephrology (kidney treatment) in the Riverside & San Bernardino County areas. The practice’s physicians and nurse practitioners see patients at 12 office locations throughout the Southern California area. Our nephrologists are also medical directors of outpatient dialysis centers that are closely located to our facilities.

NAMG has a Clinical Research Division actively engaged in multiple patient-oriented research studies. NAMG is also associated with various Medical Center Kidney Transplant Programs.

Mission Statement

We are a dedicated group of compassionate healthcare professionals providing excellent care for all patients with kidney and associated diseases.


We provide our patients with the best evidenced based Medical Care. We seek to understand the needs of our patients then provide them with the information and medical resources to optimize their quality of life.


We care not only for those to whom we provide care, but we also care for our fellow employees. We work together adapting to changes in our schedule in order to provide unselfish support for our patients and fellow employees.


We seek to understand the needs of our patients and their families, and provide them with empathetic support.


We believe all our actions and daily appearance contribute to our professional reputation. We believe in offering respect to all whom we interact. This behavior includes active listening, having an open and creative clinical mind governed always by empathy for our patients.


We take seriously our complete commitment for the clinical care responsibility to the patients who come to us for help. Our accountability extends to assisting our broader medical community and NAMG staff in meeting this overriding clinical commitment.


We say what we believe, and do what we say we will do. We strive for alignment in commitments and actions.